CELCO service

We are offering technical service and maintenance for CELCO customers all over the world. Being official CELCO representation for Europe, we can offer more than 10 years of experience in integrating CELCO high-end filmrecorders in the most demanding production places all over the world.

We cover from phone support over remote calibrations to on-site maintenance services. Familiar with film labs, electronics, optics and programming tasks, we‘re happy to provide solutions for state of the art output.

You need hardware? As an official distributer we might have some attractive options for you.

Postproduction workflow

Postproduction is a complex business. You know very well what you want to get. Focused on color and workflow, we might add some help to increase the quality and speed you‘re aiming for.


Sometimes small programs can make big things work together. Intelligent software to save time or to avoid mistakes, focused on film scanning and recording tasks. Get around the awkward task of calibrating systems in an efficient manner with outstanding quality. We‘re working upon request - with ready solutions for most common tasks. Unix, OSX, Windows - we do it!